Our Passion for Spice

No where else can you find these rare flavors brought to life like they are in our sauces. Moderately spicy sauces, made from the Earth’s most unique peppers, for people who love exciting food.

Why Try Our Sauces?

  1. First Ingredient is Peppers or Fruit
  2. No Strong Vinegar Taste or Odor
  3. Rich Flavors and High Quality
  4. All Natural, No Preservatives
  5. Low Sodium
  6. Range of Spiciness for Every Palate
  7. Great Value

Where You Can Find Us

Find out if Honest Ember is available in your area. We are based in Austin, Texas and we want to share our bold flavors with the whole world.

If Honest Ember isn’t in your favorite store or restaurant, please ask them to carry it!

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